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  1. Your house keys and the 5 digit number stamped on them.

    Original keys from Kwikset, Schlage and others have a 5 digit number stamped on the back of them. We recommend that when you get a new lock, take a picture of the key. Make sure the picture is clear and includes the 5 digit number on the back. Most locksmiths can use that number to generate a new key if you should happen to lose your key or lock it inside your home.

  2. Don’t leave your keys where others can see them!

    Did you know there are apps on the market that with a simple picture you can order a replacement key to be sent to your address? The problem with this is if someone can take a picture of your keys and send it to these companies they will send a working key back to the address the sender asks the key to be sent to. This means a thief or stalker can take a picture and gain access if you leave your keys out where they can be seen.

  3. Bent keys.

    If you should happen to bend a key please bring it in to your local locksmith instead of trying to bend it back. When keys bend the metal stretches and by bending it back in a lot of cases the blade breaks and the area of the break is elongated. It is easier for a locksmith to make a new key when we get them before they are totally broken.

  4. Shopping at your house.

    Would be thieves drive around during the holiday season (and the rest of the year) looking for their next victims. There are things you can do to avoid being top on their list. One thing that attracts them is you advertizing a shopping spree at your home. Most people don’t realize when you place that box from the new 60″ flat screen TV out at the curb that you are advertizing, hey there is a new big TV here, come and get it. Instead of placing the box at the curb, take a few extra minutes and cut the box down so it will fit inside a trash bag and not stand out that your now a target.

  5. Keys are NOT toys!

    Please stop letting your kids play with your keys. About 20% of the calls we get for lost car and house keys are due to people letting their kids play with the keys and either the keys get lost or they get bent/broken and need to be replaced. (Costs from a few bucks up to a few hundred depending on what was lost) Stop and think about where your keys have been and where they go and then think do you really want your kids playing with them and possibly putting them in their mouths!

  6. Please DO NOT use Graphite!

    Graphite collects dust and dirt. It also rides up on the pins inside the lock cylinder and reduces the amount of space the springs can travel. Yes in the short run graphite help make operation easier but in the long run it will greatly shorten the life of your lock. PB Blaster Dry Lube, TriFlow, Master Lock Lube, Abus Lock Lube & most silicone based dry lubes work pretty good. WD40 is good for flushing out a lock but then has the tendency to also collect dirt back into the cylinder twice as fast as a good quality dry lube. P.S. Check the lube you use on a spot of paint on your door that nobody will see. Make sure the color does not change and that the paint does not become damaged by the lube. Better to check on a hidden spot then have a drip under the lock show up like a sore thumb.

  7. Oil change?

    When you get the oil changed on your vehicle, let it be a reminder to lubricate your door locks at the same time. We like a product called Tri-Flow but most any good lock lubricant is better than none at all. (please nothing with graphite in it!)

  8. Locks only keep out honest people!

    Face it people if somebody wants to get in bad enough they will find a way. Your locks, even the best ones out there, only keep out honest people. Most locks installed on residential and commercial doors have keys that can be copied at local hardware stores. Your local Locksmith can install locking systems with restricted keys that can’t be duplicated at hardware stores.

  9. BOLT IT DOWN!!!

    You just bought a new safe and carried it into your home or business. Before you do anything else send in your registration card and then BOLT IT DOWN! Think about it, you carried it into your house and unless it is properly bolted down there is nothing stopping a burglar from picking it up with all your valuables inside and walking off with it, unless you bolt it down.
    P.S. Bedroom closet and under the sink are the two most common places to find a safe. Please pick a better spot to hide it. Yes those locations make it very easy for you to get to but that also makes it easier to find and steal.

  10. Too Many Keys On That Ring!

    If you have a lot (more than 3 or 4) keys on your key ring or you have a lot of other junk on your key ring, AND you have your car keys on the same ring, please separate your car keys and keep them on another ring. The more weight you have on the key ring that holds your car keys, the faster your ignition will wear out and cause problems. As you are driving the keys will swing and bounce around. This motion acts on the key in your ignition and causes excessive wear to both the key and the lock cylinder. We replace a lot of ignitions that have been damaged by this happening.

  11. A ship engine failed and no one could fix it.
    Then they brought in a chap with 40 yrs. on the job.
    He inspected the engine very carefully, top to bottom.
    After looking things over, the guy reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer.
    He gently tapped something. Instantly, the engine lurched into life.
    The engine was fixed!
    7 Days later the owners got his bill for 10k.
    ‘What?!’ the owners said
    ‘You hardly did anything.
    Send us an itemized bill.
    ” the reply simply said Tapping with a hammer. $2
    Knowing where to tap?
    Don’t Ever Underestimate Experience.

  12. We wish everybody a Happy 4th of July! 240 years of freedom thanks to the brave souls who gave their lives so we could live free.

  13. With the summer heat upon us please don’t forget kids or pets in your vehicle. Heat can build to deadly levels in just a few minutes. Please, look before you lock!

  14. Weatherstripping woes,
    As winter approaches and temps drop please keep in mind that old weatherstripping has a tendance to harden. When your old weatherstripping hardens your latches and deadbolts might not find proper alignment making doors harder to operate.

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