Changing Locks vs Rekeying Locks

We get a lot of calls from customers looking to change their locks. Lets take a very quick look at some of the reasons behind this.  The majority of the time they are only looking to change the key the lock operates with.  Possible causes are new owner, or termination of an employee. In these cases if the lock is in good condition there is no need to spend extra money to change the lock, instead let us rekey it for you.  Another reason to change the lock might be to cut down on the number of keys you have to carry.  If you have multiple locks around your property (home or business), and your tired of lugging around a lot of different keys, ask about getting all the locks keyed alike or master keyed.  If you can physically insert one key into all the locks , they can, in most cases, be keyed alike or master keyed to cut down the number of keys you need to carry.  Keyed alike is having all the locks in a group set to operate on one key.  Master keyed is having a key (or keys) that open all the locks and then having other keys in the system that only open some of the locks or even just one lock.  Systems like this are used all the time in businesses and are becoming more popular in homes too.  Would it not be nice on the day the cleaning company, or baby sitter comes that you could leave a knob or deadbolt unlocked for them and their key would then be able to open the other lock on the door so they could gain access.  On the days they are needed just locking the other lock on the door locks them out.  Your key operates both but their key only operates the one lock giving you control as to when they can enter.  If you have questions about having your locks changed, rekeyed or mastered please feel free to call us at 717-405-4212 to discuss your needs.  Please note we only service the Lancaster, Lititz, Ephrata, New Holland areas.